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Youth Educational Centre is non-political and non-governmental association founded in 2007 in Nish, Serbia. Since then, it deals with the realisation of various projects and the main aim is to arise the conscience of young people in different areas and fostering the youth activism. Last years, association has been involved in various youth projects in the field of student and social entrepreneurship, supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the City of Nish.

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Privredni segment

This is the first association in Serbia which has developed production and sale system of certificed organic tea and signed sale contract for these products with foreign partner oriental especially towards EU market. Collection, processing and sale of the tea represent the business aspect in which association makes a great effort to be one of the leader in row materials quality and exploation of unused natural materials.

Association is involved in GIZ support program for perspective social enterprises. The association also deals with collecting, packing and distribution of organic tea on national and international market. All varieties of tea have official certificate of the organic origin. Youth Educational Center is the Association of Citizens with the addition of a code for carrying out export business activities 1086.

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